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Shortcut Phoneys

Tell you what I hate – it’s phoney stuff, the word phoney came to me initially as it was Holden Caulfield’s pet hate and like many people over a certain age I was struck my his valour as a child. Well it is the way in which people try to glean glory these days that […]

My First Skateboard

This is my first skateboard was a Skuda ( after the one my dad made out of roller skates and a plank – flat at both ends I may add ). I was so proud of it. I did hanker after a : “G&S Fiberflex Bowlrider with ACS Trucks and Red Kryps” totally – though […]

I am a Spartan?

Occasionally I come out with the phrase : ” I am a Spartan”, I use it frequently to myself and sometimes to others and I feel that this requires a little explanation for my sake and for others should they care. Well the phrase initially was drawn from the move “300” which tells of the […]