This is my first skateboard was a Skuda ( after the one my dad made out of roller skates and a plank – flat at both ends I may add ). I was so proud of it. I did hanker after a : “G&S Fiberflex Bowlrider with ACS Trucks and Red Kryps” totally – though the lime Kryps looked pretty sweet on my cousin’s board.
I used to mostly go up and down the street – sometimes to Hove Lagoon and often to those wee ramps at Brighton seafront near the old paddling pool. There was the cage but that was a bit rad for me. The Barn at Southwick was a regular weekend visit where I played on the concrete area mostly, and the quarter pipe ramps and very occasionally the bowl. I was not allowed in the pool as I was too crap. Anyway this was my first board and I loved it. It had two inch wide strips of grip going from back to front.