Athens Mementoes

Was looking through some old stuff yesterday and found a few slips of paper from some of the old little memories from Athens in the ole days. Athens-Oinoi Season Ticket Drinks Time Bar Athens Jackie O Nightclub and Bar Karelia Malako Megara Athens Train Ticket Tonys...

Park Parties

living as we did in the mmiddle of such an inhuman landscape we yearned for the feel of earth on our feet.

Paradise Bar Athens

1989 was the year we found Paradise, split level bar on Loisson Street, just up from Larissis train station and equidistant from Vathis and Victoria.,em There were several crowds who frequented this dive. First were the runners who represented the hostel population;...

Drinks Time Bar Athens

In a very sheltered and hidden street was a bar, a rather ordinary bar, but one I remember well. It was here that faux weddings were the norm, where I danced with the most exotic sounding women I have ever heard of, Loekie Leplaar, Saija Haivalla and Gunilla...


Of course the busy port of Piraeus did not escape our attention. I often had to catch the early bus from Omonia to the port and wait for the early morning ferries to come our way.