Stand UP Paddleboarding is one of those sports that everyone wants to try these days. It is far more accessible than traditional surfing ( you can get up and go in a relatively short time ) and can be enjoyed in more places ( lakes, rivers) and weather conditions than some other water sports. It is also extremely rewarding and a great aerobic workout. There’s a little something else as well, something unfathomable, which stokes the soul through the sport’s motions.

Anyway, I had a sort of quickie intro lesson for Stand UP Paddleboarding from Jock Paterson of Tribalwave the other day. I had, prior to that spent but a few minutes on a stand up paddleboard, falling off as often as not. I learnt some good tips for a newbie like myself – like getting a bit of speed up on your knees before standing up ( momentum is a great helper on these boards ) and not looking at my feet ( I seem to have some sort of foot fetish and dont appear to be able to keep my eyes off my feet. ) , soon I was stuttering along. There was a bit of wind and a bit of ripple which hampered my smooth running but I felt I was getting the hang of it and look forward to next popping out when the weather is right.

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