Just popped out last night and wandered across train tracks in the dark, peering up the lines into some sort of future/ past asymptote I remembered how much I love night transport.
I mean, I love chugging ( yes even electric trains chug ) along in a train in the dark, catching fleeting glimpses of life as you pass through towns and villages; seeing the moon follow you and glance off distant mountainsides and ever rattling along in your speeding cubicle, precariously perched on twin rails.
I love as well, seeing cars in a city driving at night, especially after or during rain. I love the way their headlights glint off the tarmac; the small bubbles of humanity, each with their own mad destinies and relationships, anonymously purring through the town, on their way to who knows where.
At sea, at night, I am just impaled upon the beauty of the world, joyously bleeding with unbound love. Stars rotate slowly above, wind murmurs, sea glimmers and jumps and the smell of the air is just beatific.