I was privileged enough to be again this year involved with the Paddle Round the Pier, my main duties having been building the website, formatting all the content and also liaising with entrants for the Paddle Something Unusual and making sure that the actual silly floaty thing went off safely and in good order.

In the end it did, in fact the whole weekend went with very little in  the way of problems or issues. A ‘phenomenal’ time was had by all, the sun shone, people smiled and the great team – names too many to mention – of volunteers, led by DSA, pulled together and put on a very special event here in Brighton.

Maybe though the highlight for me was a selfish one, it was during the actual paddle just hanging out at sea, seeing some folks I knew and chatting with Stig, who got me involved in all this in the first place.

Yesterday, I and 3 others – Dan, Ryan and David managed a nice dip in at new beach where the waves were wild and mushy as per normal but still we eked out a few nice rides.