Occasionally I come out with the phrase : ” I am a Spartan”, I use it frequently to myself and sometimes to others and I feel that this requires a little explanation for my sake and for others should they care.
Well the phrase initially was drawn from the move “300” which tells of the Spartans’ ( and other Greeks’) defense of the realm at Thermopylae against the Persians. It is also a concept that I read extensively about in the Peloponeisan War by Thucydides and is a constant theme throughout the best of modern Greek literature. Secondly the dichotomy between the Athenian virtues and Spartan Herosim has always intrigued me.

Now I do not suppose myself to be some ancient warrior, nor some invincible king, but in essence what I have always followed are the true Spartan codes, I have always valued honour over subterfuge, have prized freedom as a priority and never shirked from action where action could bring greater glory.

This is not to say that I think I am some great dude or something, just its like small; things in life where I see modern man say – ” I can’t” or “I’m tired” when faced with choosing between fun/ duty/ action or comfort that I say these words to myself, they are a reminder not to get soft, not to be scared and not to fear. never to take the easy road where the harder promises more excitement or honesty to my nature.